Auger Cast Piling

Hollow Stem Auger Drill To Install Cast In Place Grouted Pile

Auger cast piling is a deep foundation pile system that is installed by drilling to a specified depth with a continuously flighted hollow stem auger. High strength grout is then pumped through the auger as it is slowly withdrawn thereby displacing the spoils* and leaving a clean column of fluid grout in which a rebar cage is lowered. The cages typically extend from above the piles part way down to the tip with a full length bar in the center. The advantage of the auger cast method of pile installation is that the casting component eliminates the need to use casing in loose or wet soil conditions. McDowell NW, Inc. installs auger cast piles in varying sizes including 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 24” & 30” diameters and to depths up to 90 feet.

*spoils are a combination of the soil that is displaced and excess grout.

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