Soldier Piling

Drilled Shafts To Shore For Excavation

Cantilevered soldier piling are a retaining wall system incorporating wide-flange beams and timber lagging. They are used to retain soils, to protect adjacent structures and surfaces during excavation for new construction, and to provide shoring of unstable slopes or to protect existing structures from failing slopes such as a catchment wall. Soldier pile walls may include tie-back anchors to provide additional lateral capacity depending on the type of soils, the height of the excavation and the limits of access. Often times a soldier pile wall is a temporary solution to shore up an excavation until foundation walls are poured. One of the advantages of a soldier pile system with drilled shafts is that the method of installation causes minimal vibration and noise.

McDowell NW, Inc. can assist in providing design for shoring systems as well as value engineering ideas to save money for your project.

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